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Sara Comp
San Diego, CA

Originally from Wisconsin, Sara grew up near Lake Michigan and has always had a love of water…being in it, on it, or near it. After moving to Southern California in 2018, she knew she wanted to try surfing but also knew she needed a support system for that. Finding sisterhood & community among the waves has been a buoy mentally, physically, emotionally and socially. Like all of us, Sara has an intimate relationship with grief and after back to back significant losses in 2020, she dove deep into studying about death, dying, grief and loss. This has led to some of the most heart-expanding moments in her life, and how she came to be involved with Waves of Grief. Sara is a registered nurse, yoga & mindfulness teacher, hospice volunteer, and she facilitates regular grief support groups & yoga classes. Connecting with and supporting community are her passions, and she’s always seeking the next best chocolate chip sea salt cookie!

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