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Kelsey Hails
Half Moon Bay, CA

Nature held me when no one else did, grounds me in a way that nothing else can, and soothes and sustains me over and over again. I am a therapist in Washington state who grew up with the gift of the wild at my fingertips and I am passionate about helping others be held by and hold the gifts of healing nature can bring us.  My own journey with grief is one that often left me feeling alone and isolated and because of that it has developed a desire within me to help others know they are never alone in their grief.  I am passionate about helping others find the gifts of community and nature that can hold them when the dark night of grief wraps around their souls.  Through dealing with the grief of my own chronic illness I have come to believe that our bodies hold immense wisdom.  They can tell us stories that invite us to freedom, goodness, play, and healing.  We live in a highly individualistic culture that is disconnected from our bodies and nature and has often lost the value of knowing how to come together and be with those who are hurting.  With Waves of Grief I am drawn to helping create that beautiful intersection, a place where community, nature, and the wisdom of our bodies join together to create a space that is more than what we are alone.  We need one another, we need the gifts of nature, and we need the wisdom that our bodies bring.

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