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Second Sunday Registration Drop-Ins

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2023 Calendar & Registration

Second Sunday - June 11th
Waves of Grief Community Drop-In Session

This is an opportunity to gather in community to honor, share and witness  personal and collective grief. We start in circle on the sand, then invite everyone to soak in vitamin sea through watching, wading, swimming, boogie boarding or surfing, etc.

June 11th, 2023




We closely monitor several localized weather forecasts so as to make the best decision about the weather before a session.


We honor your time and your experience healing, so rain normally does not inhibit us from gathering.  We will, however, cancel or postpone if the conditions are unsafe. High wind, large waves, lightning, and hazardous runoff from recent rains are examples of unsafe conditions that make us decide to tend to self care and not force our will towards nature’s calling.  If we do cancel or postpone we hope then that you spend time individually tending to your souls by honoring what we yearn for.

“We grieve the loves we’ve lost.  We grieve our abilities vanishing through illness or age.  We grieve the loss of faith in our religion.  We grieve our children leaving home.  We grieve the paths we didn’t walk.  We grieve the family we never had.  We grieve the suffering of the planet.  But while grief may look like an expression of pain that serves no purpose, it is actually the soul’s acknowledgement of what we value.   Grief is the honor we pay to that which is dear to us.”  -

Belonging: Remembering ourselves home

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