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Waves of Grief CollectiveTM is a community of leading surf therapy practitioners and clinicians working together to reduce the feelings of isolation and loneliness that accompany grief and loss.  We are all connected by our love for the ocean - how being in, on, or around the water can be healing - and facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration as long-held views about the grief experience evolve.  

Regional Waves of Grief
Second SundayDrop In Hosts

San Francisco Bay Area

Waves of Grief became one of the world's very first ocean community-based surf therapy and peer grief support organizations to reduce loneliness and isolation in grief during COVID-19's early, most traumatic days.  

Ventura & Santa Monica 

Hydro Theory - hy·dro the·o·ry /ˈhīdrō/ /ˈTHirē/: The Theory that ocean experiences, when mindfully facilitated, brings about integration within the self, others, skillsets and the community. To “Just Add Water” in the life process to enhance healing and growth.  The feeling of being in an enthusiastic or exhilarated state, “Stoked” YOU + WATER = STOKED

Santa Cruz, CA

Surf Therapy Santa Cruz. Small-group research-based surf therapy programs for all who would like to find their healing, power, and belonging in mother oceans waves together. 

Santa Barbara, CA & Costa Rica

TwoCan Retreats. Unique heart-centered retreats focused on personal and spiritual growth, self-compassion, interconnectedness, and a deep appreciation for life

Santa Monica, CA

Mourning Surf. Moving with you through the waves of grief.

Virginia Beach & Wrightsville Beach, NC

myPEAK Foundation.  myPEAK Foundation aims to provide a therapeutic environment rich in compassion, community and adventure to help folks living with mental health challenges achieve their desired wellness by harnessing the healing powers of our oceans.

San Diego, CA

San Diego Pain & Trauma Institute. Treating pain.  Treating people.  At the San Diego Pain Trauma Institute we empower you to relieve pain of all kinds through evidence-based mental health services and collaboration with our community of medical & research advisors.

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