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Rewilding Retreats

"Grief is alive, wild, untamed and cannot be domesticated. It resists the demands to remain passive and still. We move in jangled, unsettled, and riotous ways when grief takes hold of us. It is truly an emotion that rises from the soul.” - Francis Weller

Our Rewilding Retreats are a form of soulful restoration with an emphasis on recreating our "natural and uncultivated states" honoring an ancestry, our deeper pasts, community, and the building of continued bonds.

Stay Tuned for Retreats in 2023

Retreats that we hold: 

  • Movement 

  • Surf therapy

  • Sound Healing

  • Multi-Day Retreats

Restorative Yoga

Past Events

11/11 Paddle Out
 Facilitated by Kelsey Ellis and Michelle Q. Slavik

Join us for a morning of healing with the ocean. We will cultivate intention together, while honoring collective and personal waves of grief, love, and ancestry ending with a group paddle out at 11:11.

Winter Solstice Ocean Healing and Movement Retreat

Facilitated by Kelsey Ellis and J'aime Morrison of Mourning Surf 

Join us as we welcome in the winter season, ground into ourselves & explore the ways we can let light in through our bodies in grief.


The winter solstice signals going inward for a time of nourishment and reflection. This has been a significant time of ritual, renewal and a time to cultivate a deeper connection to self. 


Inspired by the ancient celtic rituals around the winter solstice we will ride the waves of grief while honoring and celebrating the light within the darkness.


Guided movement meditation and ocean play will move our grief and reset our intentions for the new year. 

Image by Marissa Rodriguez

Waves of Harmony Ocean Wellness Retreat
Facilitated by Kelsey Ellis and Janine Ellis


Come join us for a restorative day on the coast


  • Oceanside yoga flow qigong to the rhythm and sound of Mother Ocean

  • Therapeutic and supported ocean play in the waves

  • Sound healing, reiki balancing and guided meditation

Nourishing meals, boards and wetsuits provided.



Image by Marissa Rodriguez
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