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Albert Balderas LMFT
Ventura, CA

Albert is a dedicated California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, serving as the sole proprietor of his private practice,Counseling with Albert; nestled in Claremont, CA.

Through this practice, he provides tailored mental health treatment for tweens, teenagers, and adults across California, whether through virtual sessions or in-person meetings.
Albert's unique approach to healing and treatment combines his extensive clinical therapy experience with his profound passion for surfing. He firmly believes that the ocean can be an integral part of the healing process and, as such, he is developing a surf therapy practice within his therapeutic work. His approach integrates the therapeutic benefits of riding ocean waves with traditional mental health techniques, offering clients a holistic and empowering experience.
In addition to his professional practice, Albert has generously dedicated his time and expertise to volunteering with the Waves of Grief Collective for the past year. In this role, he provides valuable support to individuals navigating their grief journeys, a responsibility he takes on with deep respect and honor.
Albert's commitment to his clients and community’s well-being, along with his dedication to combining surfing and therapy, make him a unique and effective professional in the field. His therapeutic expertise, coupled with his passion for the ocean, allows him to offer a comprehensive approach to healing and personal growth.

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