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Dr. Anna Selena Cho PsyD, LMFT, ATR
Regional Director
Ventura, CA

“The ocean provides me an essential connection to the earth and helps repair repeatedly my own mental health, wherein I channel and resource learning concepts to those I have the privilege to help.” She is clinically trained as a surf therapy provider, and pursues her academic teaching methods in private practice and community mental health.


Dr. Cho is an adjunct professor at California Lutheran University teaching Group Dynamics and Cultural Diversity and is passionate in the cultural, spiritual, and transformational concepts surrounding mental health, and accessibility of resources for communities in lack of support. She focuses on children families and individuals to help pursue their integration and alignment towards self development towards full potential and capacity.

Her training and professional development has guided her towards utilizing resources from Nature-based and Creative modalities to ensure easily learned and grasped concepts for individuals and clinicians, an essential factor upon the pandemic’s prolonged universal stress.


She has designed Art Therapy programs for intensive outpatient programs including Roots Through Recovery (Long Beach, CA) and Community West (for teens and young adults) and has spoken on the topic of Creativity and Healing to clinical sites including the UCLA Social Work Caucus and Santa Monica Family Services. Her diverse history of training including diagnostic evaluations for children at Reiss Davis Child Study Center and adults at PCH Treatment Center, and Expressive Arts practice inform her work in and around the ocean to better serve her clients integrate their lives into knowing.


Anna is a proud single mother of a 13-year old grom and believes that parallel process of new learning is essential for attunement and connection, achieving her black belt in Taekwondo together with her son. She has shadowed his surf career and learned alongside him to heal and grow together with Mother Ocean for the past decade; she can be found most mornings surfing to prepare and enrich her life.

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